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What is Smart Commute?


Smart Commute encourages people to use alternative modes of transportation to get to work, school, or to run errands; instead of driving your car, try bicycling, walking, carpooling, or public transit! This initiative is being led by Safe and Active Flint (SAF).

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Why Participate?

For your health

Are you finding it difficult to find the time to get regular exercise?  Burn calories, tone your muscles, and increase your overall fitness level as you walk or bicycle throughout the workday.  Taking the bus or meeting a carpool group?  Walk or bicycle to your bus stop or pick-up point.  Every little bit of physical activity you get can help you reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases, such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

For your pocketbook

Car ownership costs are the second largest household expense.  The average annual cost to own, operate and maintain a car is at least $6000.  Smart Commuting saves you money on fuel costs, automobile maintenance, and parking fees.  The cost to Smart Commute is the price of a good pair of walking shoes, a public transit pass, or bicycle commuting equipment. 

For the earth

Cars are the single largest source of air pollution in the U.S. and contribute significantly to water pollution.  Help make your community a greener place to live by Smart Commuting.  Walk, ride a bicycle, or use public transportation to reduce your carbon footprint and make your community cleaner and more livable for future generations


The Commuter Challenge

One component of Smart Commute Day is the Commuter Challenge.  This is a friendly competition between local businesses and organizations to see who can succeed at getting the highest percentage of employees to walk, bicycle, carpool, or use public transit to get to work or for workday errands on Friday, May 16th.  Identify a team captain to register your business or organization and rally co-workers to log workday miles traveled via alternative modes of transportation. The worksite with the highest percentage of employee participation in each size category will win fantastic prizes.


Did you know?
50% of all trips are 3 miles or less-a perfect distance for a bike ride.
25% of all trips are 1 mile or less-a perfect distance for a walk.

65% of all trips less than a mile are taken by car-but you can change that by Smart Commuting!

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For additional information on Smart Commute please contact Polly Sheppard, local coordinator for the Safe and Active Flint Coalition at or (810) 235-7894.