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Adult Health & Fitness Programs




Goal: To Finish- This level is for individuals whose goal is to finish a Crim Race Event.  It will focus on group support, setting goals, and maintaining physical activity.  There is no track or speed work involved, and walkers and runners of all levels are welcome. 

Time Goal- This level is for individuals whose goal is to improve their race time in a Crim Race Event.  It will focus on speed, improving “goal” times from previous races and will include track workouts.  Participants should be able to run or walk 4 miles on day one of training.  This level is aimed toward intermediate and advanced walkers/runners.



10 Mile- Running or walking programs for all fitness levels from beginners to experienced.  Gradual distance and endurance training plan for those who want to complete the Crim 10 mile event.

5k (3.1 miles)/8k (4.9 miles)- Running or walking programs well suited to those just starting an exercise program or endurance training for those who wish to participate in the Crim 5k or 8k race. 
(available in Goal:  To Finish Level ONLY)

Participants will be able to self-select their group according to their starting pace time* online.  On the online application, a drop box will display with a range of pace times.  Select your starting pace time* and groups within that time range will appear.  You will be able to see the group leaders assigned to each group and how many spaces are filled or left within each group.  If you are a new participant, and/or do not know your starting pace time, placement nights will take place at a location/time TBD.

*Please note:  as this is the first year participants can register through self-selection, there is the possibility that groups and/or leaders will be rearranged or consolidated as needed based on participant registration.  You are likely to get into the group that you choose, but the groups will not be finalized until registration closes.

Starting pace time is the amount of time per mile it takes one to walk/run COMFORTABLY with the intent to maintain that speed/pace for the duration of the walk/run.  Speed will naturally increase as you become more fit and increase your endurance through weekly training sessions. 
Please note:  Starting pace time is NOT how fast you can run/walk one mile.
To calculate starting pace time on your own:
Run/walk a mile at YOUR best pace you can.  Take that time and add 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
Example:  One mile walk/run time:  10 minutes
10 minutes + 2:30
= Starting pace time = 12:30


Through 3/29/12

$140.00 individual, $260.00 buddy discount

3/30/12 through 4/22/12

$155.00 individual, $290.00 buddy discount

To use the buddy discount:

  • The buddy discount will be applied to your cart if you register all buddies at one time. You can register up to 3 people at once each paying $130. When registering multiple people at the same time...
    • Person A will fill out application; on the page titled “Your Cart” he/she can click the “register a buddy” link
    • Person B will fill out his/her information (and Person C if you have 3 people)
  • If you choose to register individually, Person A will pay full price ($140) but will be emailed a one time use coupon code for $20 off that your buddy can use. You will be responsible for getting your $10 savings (or lunch :) from your buddy.
  • Payment must be made on ONE debit/credit card in ONE shopping cart

Technical Shirts:

Leslie Jordan technical shirts will be available to try on at Complete Runner and Bauman’s Running and Walking Shop shop after January 4th.  The sizes available will be Men’s XS-3XL and Women’s XS-#XL.  Please click here: size chart
Sorry, we are unable to offer any exchanges.


  • Meetings with groups on Tuesdays at either 8am or 6pm
  • Train with experienced Group Leaders at locations throughout Genesee County
  • Training calendars designed for your distance/level
  • Entry into two area races plus a Crim Festival of Races event on August 25, 2012
  • Discounts at Bauman’s Running & Walking Store and Complete Runner
  • 20% off coupons to use at Barnes & Noble bookstore (3 each participant)
  • $10 off a massage at Walsh’s Chiropractic & Wellness Center
  • Technical short sleeve shirt, choice of men’s or women’s cut
  • Bondiband with logo
  • Free consultation with a physical therapist at Advanced Physical Therapy


VIRTUAL PACKETS:  The Adult Training Program is going green!  Participants will receive their packets “virtually” after they have registered.  In their packet, they will receive their race vouchers, book coupons, and other discounts.

COMMUNICATION:  Once your registration has been received, you will receive a confirmation email.  You will also receive the Monday Morning Mail update, via email, every Monday with important information about that week.  It is very important to clearly indicate your email address when you register.

Online registration is now closed. Please email
jpace@crim.org for late registration information.

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